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Pin. Draw. Write. Save.


What is Annotate!

Annotate is a full suite of end-to-end tools for any role to use in any stage of your timeline. Make notes, place emoji pins, highlight text, and highlight elements on the screen to share with other users on your team using

Who should use Annotate!

Developers? Check.
Designers? Check.
Students? Check.
Everyone can use annotate! You don't need to be a developer or designer to use it. Annotate is great for students and researchers who want to annotate sections of a page to save for later!


Annotate is touch friendly! Use on your touchscreen computer without a mouse and keyboard.

What is Annotate!

Annotate! is a set of tools created to provide a streamlined experienced for users to make notes and other annotations, while quickly and easily collaborating and sharing with others!

With Annotate! you are able to draw boxes around elements, place pins anywhere on the page, add a textual note, and make HTML, CSS, or Accessibility recommendations!

Choose from 40 pins to place on the page

Pointing out a specific point on a page can be crucial. Annotate! gives you 40 pins to choose from to convey exactly what you're thinking. You can also invert pins and quickly change the size of pins.

Right clicking on any pin on the page will open the 'Add Notes' dialog. This gives you the ability to add additional notes and recommendations for a full report that can be generated when you're all finished.

Add your own preset recommendations

Typing the same information over and over and over and over again is tedious. It can have serious consequences for your mental health. Quickly add a preset recommendation and example that you can select from to save yourself the monotony of giving the same exact feedback over and over...and yeah.